dijous, 17 de novembre del 2022


Hi everyone!

This week, in English class, the I5 children have learning a lot with Teacher Mariona.

At the beginning of the class, we always start with Daily Routines: first we always sing and dance “the good morning song”. Then, we talk about the weather, the days of the week, the 4 seasons and the emotions. We always have really fun singing and dancing the routine songs.

To continue, the teacher Mariona tells us the story about the parts of the body (head, arms, legs, feet, etc.). Then we do some activities of our memory book.

We have been learning lots of new interesting stuffs about digestive system and finally, we did a Skill where determining parts-whole relationships. We really liked it because we can prove the importance that has all the parts and their functions!

We love learning English!

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